Dr. Brian Chad Starks is an Assistant Professor in the Criminology Department  at Lynchburg College. He completed a Ph.D. in Criminology from the University of Delaware in 2012. His dissertation examined the social organizational structure of the bail systems of Atlanta and Philadelphia. His current research draws from the law and society tradition and is grounded in a concern for social justice. Dr. Starks focuses broadly on law, inequality, and disproportionate minority representation. Specifically, he uses courtroom and community ethnography to examine the relationship between race/ethnicity, law, crime, education, and (in)justice. He works with a number of institutions and organizations to address issues of disproportionate minority representation particularly in the educational and criminal justice systems.

  Brian Chad Starks Curriculum Vita                                     Dr. Starks Email: Bchadphd@gmail.com



"Wherever You Shine The Brightest Light, You Will Find The Most Dirt." - Dr. Brian Chad Starks

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